• Don't have a Website for Your Business ?   We can assist with that!

  • Eye Opening Info on Small Business Online Presence

  • If you are a business owner that has put off having a website for your business, you are NOT ALONE!  It is estimated that approximately 45% of all small-medium sized businesses (SMB's) do not have a website. 

    Even worse, are the stats of the small businesses that DO have a website, 46% of those have a website that is not Mobile-Friendly!  Which means that while they have born the cost to have the site, it can't be easily read on mobile devices (pushing them down the ranks on Google, and annoying online searchers.......potential customers). 

    A few myths about websites (even mobile sites and mobile apps) are that they are expensive to create (design), and that you need to be Geek Savvy in order to maintain it.  Additionally, a common myth is that in order for your business to have a mobile app you need to (1) have a website first and (2) bare an expense of $15,000 or more.  Essentially, all of those myths are NOT TRUE. 

    A mobile app OR a website can be designed for your business at an initial cost of less than $700, easily controlled by you (if you choose), and an existing website IS NOT NEEDED in order for your business to have a mobile app. 

    So, what's stopping you from creating an online presence (website) for your business, and catching up with the times in mobile marketing (a mobile app)?  Let our team design your website TODAY.

  • Design Fee $699

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