• A Mobile App can be a Powerful Business Tool

  • The Benefits of the FEATURES

  • The business world is competitive, and as a Small Business Owner, you need every edge possible to compete.

    The FEATURES of our Mobile Apps can be Tools to offer you that XTRA EDGE! You can utilize the FEATURES to ENGAGE with your customers, keep them coming back, and bringing friends when they do.

    • A few of the benefits from the use of the mobile app's     features:
    • One Touch Calling makes it easy for customers to reach you
    • GPS makes it easy for customers to find you
    • Fan Wall makes it easy to gain references
    • Ordering/Shopping makes it easy to gain sales
    • Event Posting keeps your customers informed
    • Appointment Setting makes it easy to earn $'s
    • Calculators make it easy for customers to calculate tips or even mortgage payments
    • Payment Option makes it possible to receive rents or payments from the app
    • Push Notifications make it possible to relay messages to your customers 24/7/365

    The list of benefits go on!